Speciality Cleaning Services

At Kingdom Keepers Cleaning, we love our recurring, scheduled clients. But we also understand that one time cleanings are sometimes essential to the upkeep of a home or business. Look to us to take care of those too! We love helping you out by cleaning up from construction or remodels, special parties or events, before a realtor’s open house, or even just a deep clean for spring!

Construction/Remodel and Realtor Open House Cleaning Services

A home remodel or a Realtor’s open house are extremely important and often on tight deadlines. We understand this and we know that we may have to work in-sync with contractors who are putting the finishing touches on a home in order to meet deadlines. We will get your house, apartment or condo sparkling and ready to show based on your schedule and deadlines.

Special Event Cleaning Services

Are you throwing a party for the office? Or maybe you’re preparing to have the family over for the holidays? Either way, we can help you get your home or office prepared or reorganized. We’ll work with you to determine your cleaning needs pre or post event so that you can rest assured, you’re covered!

Spring Cleaning (Year-Round Deep Clean) Services

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to happen in the spring! Similar to our move in & out services, our deep cleaning services will get your house back to a maintainable base line so that you can move gracefully into the next season knowing your home is clean and healthy for your family.

Floor Stripping & Waxing

We understand that floor stripping and waxing is an important part of your commercial cleaning regimen in order to keep your space looking its best. At Kingdom Keepers Cleaning, we take the time to do it right the first time, and we have the experience and the proper products to make your floors shine. We’ll start with the proper floor clean up like sweeping and dusting the area, and then we’ll work on small areas at a time to ensure the cleaning is even and well done. We’ll finish the job by choosing the perfect wax for your floor type.